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News: Install a custom IVR Terminals Shahid Karandish Shiraz

Kavosh Madar Company managed to install a customized IVR system for passenger terminal Shahid Karandish Shiraz .

The system also provides information on bus times and destinations of trips, capable of recording suggestions, criticisms, and is reflected in the results to the caller.

Additionally, operators are also responsible for internal calls automatically connected to the system.

For test call :

+98-(0)71-37314335 , +98-(0)71-37314336

+98-(0)71-37327650 , +98-(0)71-37327651

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News: preliminary studies of intelligent systems Shahid Karandish passenger terminals Shiraz

Intelligent automated traffic control system is composed of two main parts:
- Hardware: reader RFID, RFID tags
- The software includes tools for defining bus travel companies and travel records management, reporting, etc.

Some features of hardware and software systems:
Zone classification in a different environment to identify
Online bus to view the latest status
Control entry and exit buses momentarily
Identify authorized and unauthorized buses
Ability to prepare various reports of system
Traffic control buses in certain places
Time management traffic

RFID at Karandish Passenger Terminal

News: Installing IVR system at Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company

Installing IVR System at Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company

IVR also meet the company developed and launched by the new requirements

Dialogic Cards IVR System

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