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Parking Automation

Parking traffic control automation system allows accurate control of the vehicle traffic from the entrance gate, organizations, public car parks and other facilities provided.
The system also has the ability to record the traffic, passing people at the moment and will be available to managers.
All calculations are done in local public car parks for entry and exit and stop the car by Vgyt Barrier Barrier System to implement the vehicle control and the possibility of video surveillance has for input and output

UHF Reader Tag RFID Parking

Intelligent Parking System at a Glance:

  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple barriers to control vehicle traffic and parking management system input and output
  • If the operator does not need to use a credit Parking Control System (charging time cards)
  • Reporting to the status of public parking spot (Show capacity remains within specifications car parking etc)
  • Blacklisted and no license to build cars with alarms on Software
  • Possible photos matching the entry and exit of vehicles to prevent theft and misuse by the operator
  • Parking is possible to use your system without needing a computer calculation
  • Online communication and network performance
  • Attendance personnel record the arrival and departure of vehicles
  • Using mechanized parking garage and build a long-range RFID reader with automatic barrier
  • 12 Month Warranty
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