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RFID Wireless Solutions

What is RFID?

For ease of automation and efficiency in RFID systems are used in a wide range of services to industry, commerce, culture, and operations are applicable. Based exploration company with several years experience in telecommunications and software systems, to the design and implementation of solutions based on RFID. A prominent example of such systems, intelligent vehicle system and the production system is an electronic ticket.
RFID cards and tags are different types that are selected according to the application.

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Examples of systems based on RFID

• Management and control of vehicles:
This technology utilizes an automated system of cars and parking management and electronic payments and related complications can be created.

• Automated warehouse management system:
Using RFID technology in warehouse, to identify and provide simultaneous control of a large number of incoming and outgoing goods. Other advantages of this technology can locate the goods in the warehouse and inventory control can be addressed immediately.

• Document Tracking System:
RFID technology and modern tools of management mechanisms documents and books will be. Edit document management system based on RFID to prevent the theft of books and documents, to increase the speed and efficiency of the processes also provides libraries and archives.

• Traffic management systems in organizations and companies:
Detecting and tracking people in an organization or company that has the capability of using RFID technology can be made available. As an example of the subtle control of the organization, limiting the movement of people, the staff and the guests included

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